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Re: Powering ONT without BBU?

I'm in the same boat, I suspect a power surge during the storm might have taken out the AC transformer unit. I got mine working by connecting a 12 volt regulated power supply (the type used for powering a ham radio etc.) to the AUX power port using a plug I had in my junk drawer, but I'm only getting TV, no Internet or phone. I also tried a universal wall wart type adapter rated at 1000ma but it didn't produce enough power to keep it going.


Morris Plains, NJ
Exact same problem here. I got my power back today, and had TV and internet for about 3 hours before the battery ran dry. The BBU is just not powering the ONT.

Even though I explained that the ONT was OFF, tech support ran a "line check" and they said that there was a "fiber break" and they would send a tech on Monday (sigh).

I took out the battery, found a spare 12V 2A PSU, jury-rigged it to the terminals where the battery plugs in, and hit the battery backup button. Everything's back up and running - I assume the ONT will just see a magical "backup battery" with infinite juice...