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Washington, DC
reply to joshgavant

Re: [CATV] (Chicago) Lost Channels on CableCard, can't reach tec

said by joshgavant:


As the subject indicates, I recently returned from a trip to discover that my CableCard is only receiving standard channels (in Chicago, these include HD channels 602-621, but none of the higher ones, for example). The message I see for any other channel is "Not subscribed".

I tried calling RCN tech support several times but haven't gotten through, I suppose due to the high number of calls following Sandy.

Can someone help me reset my card? I can share the Card ID, host ID, and the rest, but wasn't sure if posting here directly was the right way to do that. If it helps, my encoded MAC ID is:

Thank you!

Are you using a TiVo? I've been repeatedly losing all non-broadcast channels, but restarting the box is a temporary fix.