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Warwick, RI
reply to trinity bldr

Re: Powering ONT without BBU?

said by trinity bldr :

also, why is there an aux power jack on the bbu and can powering this up with the correct adapter solve this problem....also, does anyone know what the cioreect 12v adapter IS????

The closest you'll find easily available is a RadioShack Enercell type H adapter. It fits loosely, but will work. I know it works when connected to an external battery. I do not know if it works on an AC adapter.

Connect to Auxiliary Power port. Within 7 seconds, you should see the Aux Power LED light. You may need to wiggle the adapter to make the connection.

At that point, if the System status LED is off, then press blue Emergency Use button to boot the ONT.

If Status LED is already lit, you have power to the ONT already. If the internal battery is powering the BBU and there is no AC power, then remove the internal battery, connect external battery, then press Emergency Use button.

If you pull the internal battery and the Status LED stays lit, then you have AC power. If your BBU/ONT is not working right at this point, then you have a hardware issue that needs a tech.