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Topeka, KS
reply to Nick D

Re: [Raiding] New LFR on the 6th, Questions about Gear.

Heart of Fear-
Grand Empress (last boss) drops two sha-touched socket weapons - AGI fist, SPI mace

Tsulong (2nd boss) drops two - AGI staff and INT sword
Lei Shi (3rd) drops three - AGI dagger, gun, INT staff
Sha of Fear (4th/last) drops two - STR 1H sword and STR 2H axe.

From beta, MSV drops only Sigils of Power, HoF only Wisdom, and ToES drops both. ToES dropping both makes sense to me, as later on in the expansion, you will get new raiders, and being able to skip MSV will be possible. Heck, it'll be possible as people get VP gear/crafted items.

Poor plate wearers. Unless they're holy paladins, they'll have a bit of a wait for Sha-touched weapons.
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