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reply to TexasRebel

Re: Gen 4: HT1000 Download Allowance Status

said by TexasRebel:

I'm going on what all the top economists keep saying.

No, sorry. We probably will get moderated for getting political, but I can tell you with certainty that the statement above means you have accepted someone's hand-picked and biased list of economists as somehow being all the top ones.

I suspect even the true top economists don't agree on who "all the top economists" are, but no comprehensive list will find ANY agreement on the direction of the dollar, the economy, or much of anything else. They are as divided in opinion as the rest of us.

Did you notice back in the spring when the price of gas started up that there were "top economists" predicting $6 per gallon after Memorial Day? Did you notice after the price started to drop in May that there were "top economists" predicting that the bottom would fall out of oil? Did you notice how "top economists" often seem to predict that, whatever the trend of the moment is, it will continue? And have to backpedal furiously?

They are as bad as the weather guessers on anything further out than 2 weeks.
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