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Re: Nexus 4: Tmobile is the only carrier?

Guys one serious question. I am based in Europe and has a friend right now in US who was supposed to fly back on 21st Novermber and thus me and my gf we both sold our phones as he was gonna bring us two nexus4. While now suddenly his return has been preponed to 17th Novermber. So can he order the phones at midnight of 12th November as soon as it is 13th or will he have to wait till morning and most importantly will he be able to recieve them by 16th latest?? Or will they be available in any stores in US at the same price as google store (I heard about LGs debacle in European pricing). So to sum up if he orders as soon as the order is up or so will he get them by 16 or can he buy them in stores at the same price? Bottomline will he be able to buy these two phones for me and my gf at the said price. Now we are really in soup here as both of us are using stone age old phones and have finances ready precisely enough to pay him back euros equivlant to the cost of two nexus4 at USD prices.. Thanks for every suggestion in advance