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This is a sub-selection from why?

My views are my own.
reply to mob

Re: why?

said by mob:

And you're just a hack tool that posts the same crap over and over again. Whining and crying when real competition is even discussed, and bashing the concept of consumer rights is all you do.

So sorry if I have an opinion that isn't in agreement with yours. But yea, you're brilliant in your post.. all I do is bash the concept of consumer rights.. right? asshat.. no, in your rush to, what, attack me...? .. you fail to see that I have an opinion of my own and it's not one-sided like the majority of people where, who quite frankly as you put it, are crying and whining all the time because they want something for nothing and have NO concept of how an economy works.

But please. go on, demand everything for free.. just remember that someone has to pay for it.. in your mind, as I can assume here, it's anyone but you.

Get out of here with your worthless assessment of who I am as a person.. I am no such.. REAL competition IS being discussed here and guess what? .. I'm here wondering why everyone is down on AT&T for offering it.. the majority opinion is "why should they?" or.. "pay them for something that others already offer"..isn't THAT bashing competition? ......?

... did you get dropped on your head as a child? or are you just that ignorant to what's being said here? ... I'm guessing just ignorant. The FACT here is that people want competition so long as it doesn't come from "a corporation".. *gasp* .. and no, I am no lover of corporations, in fact I'm quite the opposite, but I will defend reality, and I will also point out irony and one-sided extremists, such as you seem to be.