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Speed is good but $$$ ?

I think Comcast is getting ready for next gen when talking about that kind of speeds but still they have long ways to go when it comes down to pricing. I personally think even at 305mbps at $320 a month is way too much for a internet connection, Yes maybe $175 or $200 but anything beyond that is way too expensive. This is more than a avg car payment lol. Look at Google or sonic.net giving 1gbps at $70 anyhow that is like a steal deal. I do not expect that from Comcast but still they should price things a bit better. Also there is a internet provider known as paxio even they give there 1gbps for $245 a month and there 100/100 is $94.50 a month. If in future Comcast want to stay in internet business they need to bring those prices down dramatically.

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The Lou


"Comcast's Internet service has 18.582 million customers as of March 30, 2012"

I don't think they'll hurt for Internet business anytime soon.

Steve F

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$300 is a ridiculous amount of money to pay. Companies in the US want the average consumer to believe they are somehow getting a special product that is rare and hard to deliver.

I am living in Romania right now and have a 100mbps/100mbps line for about $14 per month. I also have two mobile 3g sticks each with 3gb for $5 each. Yea, data is a tight commodity that doesn't grow on trees......


Haughton, LA

That's in Romania,,, here in the states we are running short. We need to drill more off shore bandwidth wells.

Ach Du Lieber
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About 7 years ago, when I was running a hosting business out of my home, I was paying something like $300/mo for 384/384 SDSL with 5 static IP's.

The world sure has changed since then...

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reply to greg925

Those prices are so last month!

said by greg925:

Also there is a internet provider known as paxio even they give there 1gbps for $245 a month and there 100/100 is $94.50 a month.

Google has everyone beat in K.C. for only $70/mo. including phone!

Since we live in the S.F. Bay Area and we are full symmetric instead of GPON, we can't match Google's pricing. But we did recently lower our prices now offer Gig internet (symmetric) for $138.50 and 100/100M for $88.50.

If you love broadband, the pricing trend of fiber internet is your best friend!