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ZyWall 50/100/200

Just looking for some purchasing assistance/experience with regard to a purchase of a ZyWall 50/100/200.

We currently have a ZyWall 5 which is rapidly becoming obsolete. Not only that, it is actively limiting our throughput (single direction) to about 30Mbps max.

Been very happy with this unit for quite a while, but paying for 100Mbps and only being able to use 30Mbps is a bit frustrating.

I was looking over the specs both on the Zyxel website and on these forums and I was wondering if there is any reason to go for anything else but a Zywall 50, since throughput seems to be largely identical between the 50/100/200 in terms of firewall/vpn throughput and don't need more than 5 vpn connections, 10k connections or ever 1200 conn/s.

Hence my simple question: is there any reason to go for anything but a Zywall 50 under those circumstances? Are there any known problems in this junior unit that aren't present in the more senior units etc...

Thanks in advance.

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1 recommendation

Read this »USG series FW 3.00 Comparison and other threads and comments here.
In general, the UTM performance sucks (IMHO) other than that the router is OK.

Also check this and following comments »USG200 speed tests #3


Thanks for the prompt reply. I take it the advertised speeds are good and no known big issues pertaining to that specific model. Won't be using the UTM features, so that won't be an issue.
Thanks again!