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Milford, NH
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reply to alkizmo

Re: Cat5/Cat6...... Phone/DSL install

Splitter vs inline filter
said by alkizmo:

If I am not mistaken, a POTS splitter is just a DSL line filter, but at the NID, so all the phones on the voice side of the splitter are filtered at the NID

True a whole house splitter eliminates the need to put an inline filter at each non-DSL device. But depending on the specific device there are some other benefits.

Whole house splitter may be a multistage passive filter vs the single stage used for inline filters. A multstage filter does a better job isolating Voice from DSL. I use a Siecor/Corning splitter as a plus it includes a half-ringer test circuit after the filter. This allows the one in the NID to be removed. ADSL was designed to work in the presence of a half-ringer but if your signal is marginal every little bit helps. The splitter also has built in secondary over voltage protection.

I think Tii Network Tech is making it now.

Regardless of what you install it is always a good idea to plug your DSL modem directly into the NID test jack and compare stats with modem at its normal location. That will tell you if inside wiring is degrading performance. Whole house splitter does a better job of isolating voice from DSL but there are some impairments it cannot correct.

As Jack_in_VA See Profile posted it is always a good idea to perform another test. Plug a phone directly into the test jack. If you hear static, especially when phone is first picked up or crosstalk, other voices call voice repair.