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I will be reiterating a lot of what Andre was saying, as much as we work to provide the best customer service around, situations can arise that leave the customer dissatisfied. The great thing about having an E-Service department, is we get to see reviews like this and work not only to improve your situation, but to stop it from happening to other customers.

With that said, E-Services is not a 24/7 service, and so when something is sent late at night, we may not be able to answer it until morning. I was the one to respond to you in that matter, and did so within the first 30 minutes of my shift. However, it's very possible I may have answered a newer post before yours and I apologize for that. That was my mistake.

Concerning the charge, looking through the troubleshooting, and again as Andre stated, I do doubt you will be charged the DMC. If you are, there will definitely be someone looking into the matter between Andre and myself.

I hope you will consider staying and let us rectify this situation, whether it being trying to resolve your DSL or making your switch to cable more reasonable. We really do want to keep you as a customer.

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