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Grants Pass, OR

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Re: Windows 8 anti virus Norton 2013 or something else?

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Toolbar Disabled
Thanks Dustyn for continuing to help me and answer my questions. Really appreciate it. I don't know if the toolbar is of any help or does anything. But, mine is disabled and says its not compatible with Firefox 16.0.2 Personally I am not a fan of them. But, don't know if I am missing part of the protection? Also. Silent Mode. Is that for gaming or something? I do play games online and wondering if that is what its mainly for.

Ontario, CAN
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Toolbar Disabled: Features Enabled!
Silent Mode is for gamming and full screen applications like DVDs and Blu-rays. You might notice the NIS sys tray icon change to an altered state just after coming out of a full screen application before changing back to the familiar state.

You may have to run Live Update! quite a few times and reboot if it asks you to. You have to keep re-running Live Update and rebooting until there are no more updates that require a reboot. After doing all that you should be set... and you should also have full NIS Toolbar compatibility with the latest Firefox. I enable the toolbar features while hiding and disabling the toolbar altogether in IE9.
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