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Re: Getting 305/65

Wow, all the haters came out. I'm not sure what anyone would do with it, but it's still pretty awesome. That being said, $70-$75 is about my cap, and since I'll be a "new customer" on Comcast soon, I'll actually be looking at the regular package and not Blast! just because I can get a new customer deal on that for a while.

I'm still a little fuzzy on how an individual user could use this, but for a family of heavy bandwidth users, I could see it being really, really nice. I have also seen Backblaze top out at about 8mbps, has the OP had a different experience?

All that being said, is this tier going to drop down into the low $100's under the new pricing scheme that's coming?

Also, if anyone wants to be pissed at Comcast, it would not be that they are deploying this at someone else's expense (they're not, I'm sure they're making money on it), but rather that they are using tiers like this to pretend there is good competition in the broadband market, instead of lowering prices or competing with lower-priced tiers. The lower-priced tiers would hurt their margin, tiers like this don't, since they are still profitable, and they are only selected by a teeny, tiny, minority of the population.

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said by BiggA:

Backblaze top out at about 8mbps, has the OP had a different experience?

I get about 40mbit/s at work which is about the max I can get with the upload there. I've found you can greatly improve the speeds if you have an SSD as the cache drive (you can set this in the preferences).

But yes, I'm going to have a hard time maxing this out. When I do need those bursts of 65mbit/s, this will be amazing. (Eg. quickly copying a VM)

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It is a very expensive tool. It has its place, and a market. But I don't have a precision drill press in my garage, either. If I don't do any have any use for a drill press, even a dollar would be a waste. If I can do as much with a $20 tool as with a $200 tool, why pay $200?

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reply to whfsdude

That's good! They may have fixed it since I had the slowdown, or the cache may help. I don't have access to a connection over 2mbps (plus Powerboost which helps a lot on photos) now to test it.

That's pretty amazing that you're creeping up on the ability to have a 100mbps ethernet connection over a WAN.