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London, ON

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reply to sparkybp

Re: SMC D3GN Latest Version

said by sparkybp:

Well the update may not push through since its rogers branded modem, and it doesn't recognize the existing firmware.

Doesn't work like that. The firmware update is written for the SMC D3GN Gateway itself. It's exactly the same as a bios update (firmware for a particular model motherboard).

All SMC D3GN series bios are coded the same with some custom code added for the particular ISP (ISP code not present in original factory firmware).

A firmware/bios flash checks hardware (in this case SMC D3GN) then does a hash check on the installed firmware to determine installed version then proceeds with the flash (if necessary).

They're all .BIN files and they're all written to support the SMC D3GN series hardware within.......


elitefx you have become quite the expert on here! kudos to you!

one fun fact is that the modem does not do a hash check to determine the software version, it does however do a check to make sure the bundled certificate in the .sbn file is signed by an authority in order to proceed the update (which can be a downgrade too as i've done in the past)