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Re: Cell phone tower locations in Canada

You can actually get towers out of the Industry Canada data -- but it's a lot of work.


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You'll probably get even better results if you combine Loxcel (especially with its Azimuth, Power + Gain + Loss info) and Coverage Mapper.


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As someone who has used that site for the past five years, I'm interested in your impression of the Loxcel site at »www.loxcel.com/celltower

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(topic move) Cell phone tower locations in Canada

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Re: Cell phone tower locations in Canada

said by Loxcel:

As someone who has used that site for the past five years, I'm interested in your impression of the Loxcel site at »www.loxcel.com/celltower

OK, quickie review of 1st impressions (or is it 2nd - I think that I was on this site briefly, earlier this year when it was being transitioned from a previous site, IIRC) are :

NOT a resource hog ! - I have close 100 other tabs open in IE8 on XP (and some other apps too) and the site still functions.

Need to click for details per tower, rather than hover - is this the intended functionality, or is my browser not behaving as well as I thought ?

Clicking on the 'multiple tower number balloons' was not intuitive for me - you might consider adding a hint about doing that - however once I DO click, it composes the next zoom level very well, and quickly enough.

When I click on a tower for details, they are easy to read and all, but sometimes it shoves the map around in order to make room for the popup (and does not unshove it afterwards) - is there a way to make the popup go outside the map area so that the map stays still ?

Info accuracy for MY particular area (part of Eastern Ontario) seems better than on the other map which I linked somewhere above - I'm not sure how often he updates his, but a certain error in one tower's ownership near me, plus a lack of Telus towers in some parts of EO, would suggest that the other map stopped being updated at some point. - Yours does not seem to have those issues in those areas.

Generally, based on the above observations, I would recommend your site.

Hope that is of help.


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Or you can still use Canadian Broadband.


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My own main request for
Would be to show what the direction the tower is actually pointing with a graphical arrow When I try to pick an antenna from the list.
I know the Azusmith is supposed to tell you that, but I have no idea how to read the Azu... hence the request for a graphical representation..

I would recommend against displaying the arrows for all the antennas on a site though, since it can get quite out of hand.. especially in down town areas.. Otherwise the site is a great resource for tower locations.

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said by Loxcel:

I'm curious to hear more from those of you who don't see any markers on the Loxcel map. One of our clients had experienced this issue, which we traced to their firewall configuration.

I'm behind a proxy so perhaps that's related. If so, it's the first time I've experienced an issue with it.

Nepean, ON
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Already know the coverage in my area, there's a huge tower site about 500 meters from my house with coverage from Bell, Telus, Rogers, WIND Mobile, Mobilicity and Videotron.