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West Tenness
reply to itguy05

Re: Verizon thought...

said by itguy05:

said by 88615298:

said by rradina:

Really? I've purchased two i-Devices and I don't recall ANY bloatware being installed. Are you suggesting carriers just lose more money with the i-Products?

yes they do. In fact most of Sprint current financial problems stem from the iPhone.

Yes, not having the iPhone. The unlocked iPhone (which is free of subsidies) is roughly the same price as an unlocked high end Android device.

If the iPhone were such a bad deal for carriers, they would not carry it...

Actually it is bad for carriers. They carry it because so many Apple cult members insist on an iphone.

U.S. carrier market could be on the hook for more than $10 billion

iPhone kills carrier profits

Cell phone carriers will get whacked by the iPhone 5

Are iPhone subsidies destroying carriers?


Chesterfield, MO
I've had two iPhones and I certainly don't fit that description. Neither do millions of other users. The iPhone is a great device, as are Android and lately, Windows phones. Regardless, the iPhone is still considered the Cadillac of smart phones because it invented the market. Carriers want it because a lot of ordinary folks ask for it.

If the carrier is willing to sell it for a third of its cost and hope to turn a profit over the life of a two year contract, that sounds like a plan. If it isn't working, we cannot say that they went into the i-Deal with their eyes shut.