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This is a sub-selection from Netflix usage


reply to Couriant

Re: Netflix usage

Why should we have to call the number, or go online constantly to check our usage?? How about they just give us a much higher more reasonable cap?? We have the lowest cap of any ISP in the country other than the cell phone providers. That's ridiculous!


Peoria, AZ

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You should be checking at least the bandwidth usage as you are on a metered plan. Now I do know internet usage has changed in the last few years, perhaps there would some modifications in the future.

Just to give you an idea, Cox will shut you down after 250GB as a one time thing then if you go over the limit again, your disconnected completely. At least here you pay for any additional usage that you have agreed on in the terms and conditions.


LOL, try to charge me for overages and I will be the first to jump ship. I watch all my TV online and I am not going to be told other wise. Your meters at best are a joke. Show me a certified meter outside my house calibrated by our local Govt., then I will use your meters. Until then cableone can blow me and I will keep using the net the way I want , or until cableone tries to charge me overages. Bottom line is cableone wants you to pay for there overpriced tv , which you can find all those channels online for free.


Ever since we started using netflix and hulu, we average about 220 GB a month.

100 GB is just waaay too low, and it's a joke to think that the modern family with internet TV can survive on 100GB.
This is a sub-selection from Netflix usage