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Edgewood, TX

Diagnostic Code:0000-4000-0400-0043 (HT1000)

I'm occasionally getting this code, which when I googled it, it resolves back to a old topic on this forum. Something about uplink errors.

First noticeable symptom is web pages take very long to refresh.

Everything show green on the System Information page on the modem.

Is this a sign of a faulty TRIA? Or is it something else?

Current signal level is: 146

Highest I've seen it is: 148


You don't need to actually type it in anywhere, diagnostic codes are more for if you're following a customer KB. You can however view the details of your diagnostic code by going to your advanced configuration page, click that grey box with the white "I", on the left menu click Diagnostics, then hourly. It will bring up a chart. If something's wrong a red x will appear in the hour the error or issue occurred and give you details. Most likely you will need to contact cus service if its something signal related.