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Re: [Extreme Plus] New Speeds Effective December 1st

So, uh, do you just call Rogers and ask for the higher upload speeds? What does it cost? Is there an official Rogers page that gives details on all of this? I'm on the "300GB Hi-Speed Express" package and had a DOCSIS 2 modem up until a few days ago, so I was getting max 12mbit download and 0.5mbit upload... now with the DOCSIS 3 modem I am still only getting these same speeds so I suspect I need to either wait a bit longer or I need to call Rogers to get 18mbit speeds that I should be getting... but once the new speeds kick in on Nov 14th/Dec 1st it would be awesome to be able to upgrade from the 2mbit speeds that Express users get to 3mbit... Heck I'm paying $68.99 for this 300GB package (minus 80% off for 24 months) so I think maybe I should just switch to Extreme Plus for $71.99 ($3 more, and of course 80% off of that) and then just learn to live with 150GB instead of 300GB and I'll get 45 Mbps Down / 4 Mbps Up... and I would then be very interested in seeing what it would cost to 'upgrade' the upload speeds to 7mbit... hmmm. Any additional info that you guys can give on the upload upgrades would be appreciated