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·Vitelity VOIP
reply to wideglide36

Re: Voip issues? Just can't win

said by wideglide36:

said by crazyk4952:

Glad to help.

Thanks, Maybe you could help with some other issues I'm having.

First one: I set up my ring group as you advised. I have my main account: Checked. I have forwarding, my Voip.ms number: Checked. I have forwarding, Home: Unchecked.
I have forwarding, Cell: Checked. The routing is set up correctly under manage DID's.

When I tested this set up by using my home phone to call my Voip.ms number, it immediately goes to voicemail. Don't want that. Why would it do that? Under routing it is supposed to go to my ring group.

Same test, only unchecking my Voip.ms number and making sure to set things properly in manage DID's, using my home phone to call my Voip.ms number, only my cell rings.

I am still trying to figure out how to set it up so that when a call comes in, I can set it to ring the phones in my ring group.

Right now it doesn't seem to be doing what I have set up.

Unless I'm missing something and that's entirely possible.


Did you make sure that your DID and your ATA are registered to the same POP? In other words, pick one of their servers (probably the one closest to you) and make sure both your DID is pointing to it and your ATA is registered to it.

If these are set to different servers, then incoming calls will go directly to voicemail.

Also, when you are making changes you must wait about a minute for these changes to propagate. If you make a change, then test it right away, the change may not have taken place yet.