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Livonia, MI

[Detroit] Problems with series recording

I have a series recording for Hunted on MAXHD for Friday nights. Two days ago (Saturday night), I went to watch it and the recording wasn't there. I thought maybe I had accidentally removed the series recording. However, the series recording was still there. I looked for future recordings and there was none listed. I then searched the guide for the show and found it for this Friday. However, the show was not marked as being recorded. I figured something went wrong and so I deleted the series recording and recreated it. The show was still not marked for recording (it was marked as New in the guide.)

Sunday night I went to watch some recorded shows and Hunted was in the list and said it was recorded on Friday. Not only that, but Hunted was in the list of shows to be recorded.

Has anybody else ever had this problem with shows disappearing from the list of recorded shows and reappearing a day later?



Livonia, MI

I forgot to indicate I am running the Navigator interface on a DCX-3510 HD DVR.