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Hilo, HI
reply to banditws6

Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

said by banditws6:

Turbo is already 20/2 here (FiOS competition zone, although my particular neighborhood isn't served) so this is going to bring Standard pretty close to Turbo and make Turbo's extra $20/mo. premium (for a non-TV subscriber) seem a little bizarre. Interesting.

In Hawaii the extra $20 a month is for those with TWC cable TV. So, in your division you pay less for 20/2 if you also have TWC cable TV? How nice.

I have Turbo GRANDFATHERED TIER at 15/1. Grandfathered tier became unavailable to new subscribers last August 1. Turbo is currently 20/2 and costs (WITH TWC CABLE TV SERVICE ALSO) $20 more per month than Standard tier at 10/1 and the old Turbo tier (now grandfathered) costs $10 a month more than Standard.

My immediate question upon reading the article is should I refuse to pay that extra $10 tomorrow when I pay my bill at Oceanic's office since we could get standard tier upgraded tomorrow, or the next day, and I don't want to pay extra for a tier that no longer exists as Turbo grandfathered but has now become Standard tier. Or will I be upgraded automatically to 20/2 as the "new" grandfathered Turbo and current Turbo gets upgraded to 25/2?

TWC persists in being the worst cable company as far as never letting anyone know anything in advance and bungling things badly thus creating messes that could have easily been avoided had there been some planning and then notification to TWC divisions and customers ahead of time about this move.
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