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The Ozarks

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reply to bcool

Westell 327w D90-327W14-06 on CenturyLink console login?

Ok, too much info above. Sorry. I've distilled the issue to the following question:

What did I do way back in 2007 in settings so that I am NOT prompted for user/passw to enter the console of my Westell 327w router?
DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME. There are certain areas within the console, for instance, Wireless configuration, that does in fact trigger a prompt for admin user/passw......but generally to just enter the console, I am not prompted at all.

There must be a setting I changed way back when so that I don't have to enter user/passw just to view some innocuous stats. But I can't remember where or how I did it. Yes...I do worry just a bit that somehow this leaves my console vulnerable. Does this have to do with the fact that I'm automatically logged into CenturyLink dsl network each time I boot to my Windows desktop... with no manual input from me??

"in flagrante delicto"