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reply to pulp46

Re: Rogers new Cell plans - what a joke

Auto-upgrade? No. But supposedly you can opt-in to them.

Call and find out.


Scarborough, ON
reply to pulp46
said by pulp46:

Rogers wouldn't auto-upgrade me on those free Messages deal, eh? LOL Meaning, I could start sending pix and video to people on Blackberries via text and not be charge for going over my allotted 5 or whatever it is, maybe 10. I don't see why not, every plan now has Unlimited Messages from what I see. Currently, I'm on the 6 Gig for 30$ plan + the smallest phone package you can have. I don't use my iP5 as a phone, maybe 40 seconds a month on air, I use it as a computer.

You need to change your plan in order to get free text and picture messaging. Alternatively you can subscribe to the Canadian text version of the $16.79 value pack to get that feature.

Nepean, ON
reply to bt
Just thought I'd share the comment I posted to the Red Board since I'm sure they'll remove my comment as it speaks too much truth.


If I may jump in here -

If you consider competition to be Telus, Bell and yourself perhaps, even then on some plans they can easily match it.

In terms of competition in general, big fat NO. $95 for wireless in this day and age, you’ve got to be kidding. And notice Canada is the only G8 country with wireless prices this high.

In terms of features:

Hardware protection – Don’t care and Apple provides a warranty for iPhones
Phone finder – Don’t care and again Apple and others provide this feature
Rogers Anyplace TV – Don’t care
Rogers One Number – Don’t care and besides that no longer a Rogers Wireless customers for reasons I’ve already stated

So I’m sorry if my tone is strong and that marketing is your job but these rates and plans are junk and I suggest management goes back to the drawing board on this.
»redboard.rogers.com/2012/introdu ··· t-114816


Etobicoke, ON
reply to bt
"Competition" at it's finest.


Scarborough, ON
reply to mlerner
Rogers will never care to be competitive until they post a net loss in wireless customers and when their profit margins start to slip. Ranting on the rogers blog will do nothing. If people want rogers, bell, and telus to change they need to switch to the new entrants. The big guys do not see the new entrants as threats as their strategy is to position themselves as a premium service and target consumers who see value in paying that much for wireless.


San Jose, CA
reply to yyzlhr
said by yyzlhr:

said by chgo_man99:

Caller ID is included in the US with all wireless carriers.

Sure but AT&T likes to charge $20 a month for unlimited text

Old grandfathered customers can keep old $5 200 text plan or $10 1000 plan. They can do that even after upgrading phone and renewing contract.