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Welland, ON
reply to El Quintron

Re: The Billion Dollar Defferal Account. Part Deux

I'm not in a position to do that. I'm just one of the tech guys on our side. I wish though!

A few years ago they lost the contract for our network support, which they had previous to that. They were just subcontracting out all of the work, so it's no surprise there were going to be cheaper bids.

Bell subcontracts a lot of work, which I think just perpetuates the lack of communication. In that relatively small project I was involved in, there were two other companies involved subcontracted to do the work. Only the business analysts were actually Bell staff (I referred to them as the "tech team" before; they knew how their system worked, they just didn't do the work).

Bell just got another, big contract for voicemail support, which I hope they crash and burn on. We're actually going to get worse support (longer SLAs and more expensive to the end users) than we had before on our internally managed Octel system (which was ancient, mind you - still had to dial in to the system with a modem to make any changes). Staff will go from getting voicemail password resets in 2 minutes for free (using an automated system I built) to getting them in probably 2 days and at a cost. I really hope whoever decided to give Bell the contract gets slapped with a wet noodle.