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Shrinking Time and Distance
Frisco, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to dcurrey

Re: Time Warner Boosting Standard Speed to 15Mbps

Interesting, Standard is 20/1 in your area? TWC is really all over the map.

I had Turbo test out consistently at 20/2 for a year here; I got it at a promotional rate for 12 months. After that, when I called to downgrade back to Standard, TWC tried to hide the fact that Standard even existed and wanted to give me some kind of 3/1 package, probably hoping I'd freak out and keep Turbo. When pressed, they admitted that there was a 10/1 package.

At times I've tested as high as 20/1 on Standard but I believe it's been due to PowerBoost. Typically I'd be more sure about PowerBoost's effects, but comically I only seem to notice it kick in when I'm doing speed tests and not when I'm actually downloading anything.

As a TV non-subscriber, TWC wants about $53/mo. from me for Standard and about $73/mo. for Turbo. That makes Turbo too rich for my blood...but if Standard moves to 15/1, that $53 will at least be more palatable.
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Mason, OH
·Cincinnati Bell
·Time Warner Cable
Not sure why that is. Parts of city may have CinciBell fioptics but not here.

Previous address had TW and CinciBell purchased the city run cable system but TW keep it at 10/1 for standard even with CinciBell offering 20/2 for cheaper.

Have to say I miss having that CinciBell cable even the HD picture quality was better.