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reply to alkizmo

Re: Sink Spray Heads - Do they all suck?

said by alkizmo:

said by MrFixit1:

Is this with a good spray from the nozzle ? If you do not have enough pressure at the nozzle this can happen .

I have plenty of pressure.

said by Kramer:

I bought a faucet with an pull-out head. They have this one sale now

I hate those that you pull out from the faucet.
I know they won't last as long as a fixed faucet because of all the moving parts, they also don't have the same amount of flexibility.

Dandelion agrees
said by dandelion:

I went back to this kind from the single faucet head. I found it awkward to use and problems with it from the wear of pulling out and back i.e. it eventually didn't stay in as a faucet.


said by dandelion:

You may not be interested in the entire faucet...however I got a very nice one from moen but it came with my faucet.

The replacement spray heads I bought are from Moen!
Then again they don't look like the ones that comes with the faucet kit.

I guess I will have to live with the fact that I need to change them every now and then (keep a spare one in the plumbing accessories box).

As for the repair question, anyone has an idea of what's going on?

remember moen and delta, even with all the moving parts are guaranteed for life, well worth the money, when my head broke they sent me one overnite


Pierrefonds, QC
Well, for the next one I will keep my receipt.

Then return my PREVIOUS one a few months later, before the new one breaks


moen and delta dont usually ask for reciepts, all they want is the serial number off the faucet when you call them.

Carnegie, PA

1 edit

you want one of these:


I have a customer that uses their spray -constantly- and was breaking the 'older' style all the time. I installed one of these, and it not only has lasted a lot longer, but the customer likes the spray pattern much more... (she called it the 'fire hose' lol)

Its the same connection as yer old, just screw the new one on.. (comes with a new hose, which i recommend installing)

good luck

if it aint broke, tweak it!!
currently on FiOS (kick aZZ!)