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reply to Immer

Re: [Raiding] Mean People Suck

Well having read this thread, reading poorly expressed viewpoints and equally valid arguments, I'll throw my lot into this thread;here goes:

I think there are two discussions points thus far (trolling in general and LFR trolling specifically) and how each is viewed or should be handled. I dont think I would add anthing new to what has been said as Arch and Immer argue their respective points well.

I agree that people should use some mutual respect in LFR and that VTK is there for a reason. That said I also think that people really should have a thicker skin when playing on the internet.

The point I would bring to the table is this, I think Blizzard's implementation of LFR/LFD and some other game features has dissolved WoW's gaming community and fostered an atmosphere that facilitates this behaivor. People are people and will find a way to troll/exploit gaming features. The only thing that curbs this behavior is limiting or not allowing game features that facilitate bad behaivor.

I know I have said this in many ways in various threads, but I really think that this is what the difference is in vanilla/BC WoW to what it is today.

Just my 2 cents.