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Hancock, NH
reply to toro

Re: [PBX] PBX in the cloud or Build your own.

said by toro:

For the $1/month: »www.chicagovps.net/openvz.html
for the $3.5/month: »secure.ugvps.com/cart.php?gid=9

Be very careful with ChicagoVPS. A lot of people just lost a bunch of VPS' because their master password was hacked, and the hacker deleted many of the VMs. Some were lucky.

For $15/month, you can get a PBX-In-A-Flash virtual from RentPBX.com. I'm a customer and very, very happy. One minute after ordering your PBX will be up and running, with the latest PIAF build.

That said, I also have PIAF running on a RasPi and a Dual-Core-Atom-based system.

If you are going to have your own pbx on site, where is the application?
- If it is at home, do you have teenagers playing games or doing bittorrent? Bandwidth may be an issue.
- If you are in a business, how much internet bandwidth do you have? Can you run a seperate network/internet connection for the PBX. It may not be an issue, but you may want a router you can set up QOS on.

What I do is trunk my RasPi in the house to my main PBX on RentPBX.
(It's a SOHO consulting biz).

All three -- host, RasPi or Atom -- are great low-cost solutions.
VoIP Geek/Customer of voip.ms, vitelity, flowroute, callcentric, localphone, didforsale, voicemeup among others/Asterisk-PIAF user/FreeSwitch app developer/Consulting


Moreno Valley, CA
If I decide to go to a cloud solution I am pretty much convinced that the rentpbx.com $15 plan is how I will do it. I am just not confident in the security or longevity of this super cheap VPS plans. Until I build a new greener box I am probably spending close to that per month on electricity here in California where Edison rapes us.
Since my setup is not that sophisticated I am sort of thinking that no matter what I do it is pretty much a simple thing to switch from one to another in short order. How long can it take to setup 3 trunks & 6 extensions, maybe an hour at most.
It seems like a lot of folks do more than one and switch back and forth or co mingle them I guess mostly for redundancy or maybe just because they can and like to tinker a lot. I probably fit the latter group so it is likely I will be doing something similar until I settle on one way over another.