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reply to Krisnatharok

Re: Ohio Secretary of State installs "experimental" vo

said by Krisnatharok:

How should you prove you are a resident if you can't give them the last four of your SSN, DL number (not the license, but the number), or utility bill?

Ya, it's weird because in my state, you have to bring your actual ID (birth cert, DL, SS, etc) when you *register* to vote. Since that deadline is long past, why the hullaboo to show it again to vote?

We always just signed the book and it must match your signature on file taken from your registration. Your signature is in the sign-in book above where you sign again at time of voting and the poll worker looks at it to determine if it matches... Just like any financial transaction you make now where your signature is checked against the on-file copy.

I've never had to re-provide my ID or reprint numbers etc at the time of voting.

I get many people don't have IDs on their persons at all times (thank Jeebus we don't have to), and still many others don't own cars therefore don't have a license - take mass transit/dont have a utility in their name/Not a student or in military/Not eligible to use a bank - use payday check cashing/etc etc; So where's the issue? If they registered they provided the legally required proof of ID then. It's voting time - signature check is and has always been enough.*

*except for those still convinced there's the boogyman forging signatures exactly.