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[Internet] Bell Usage Meter

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I am using a SS 4200 modem attached to a router.
On October 30th, when I noticed I was reaching my bandwith cap for my billing cycle, I borrowed a friend's b1 number and password. I changed the login settings on both the modem and the router.

Today, I went to check my usage meter associated with my b1 (and not the borrowed one). I expected to see NO activity since October 30th. However, as you can see from the attachment, Bell's usage meter shows activity.

Is there a possible explanation for this? No one else is using my b1.
Thanks for your input.


Obviously someone or something is... I would change the password of your B1.


reply to Furiov2
Bell just randomly adding B/W usage so they can line their pockets?

You may want to review the past 3 months or so of your billing and make sure you never paid overages. If you did and if Bell doesn't budge on a refund, then you should go to the CCTS and the media.