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Kane, PA
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reply to Krisnatharok

Re: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn - Official Trailer

said by Krisnatharok:

said by Coolbrz:

Back on topic, I will be getting this DLC, looks interesting.

I guess I should break out the game and get the first two DLCs first, eh?

Honestly, I bought the first one and haven't got around to playing it really yet, just like 30 mins into it then got sidetracked. The second one, I have a hard time buying it as all it is, is for housing. Unless i'm missing something, i guess it would be alright for more immersion into the game but so many mods out there for housing that i really don't think i'll miss it heh.

I suppose the 2nd DLC could be alright for someone on xbox that doesn't have access to all the mods that can be had on the PC.