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Kansas City
reply to alkizmo

Re: Sink Spray Heads - Do they all suck?

About all the replacement spray heads look to be made in the same plant in China. Most that I have installed only last for a short time. Same for most hardware store replacement faucet sets, they are low quality junk.
About 4 years ago I looked around for an all stainless steel faucet set. I ended up with an Moen. The sprayer that came with it has worked great and the faucet looks and works as good as day one.
This faucet set looks like the one I have, but not sure if it is the exact model. »www.moen.com/caldwell/spot-resis···87060SRS

BTW you could have too much water pressure. High water pressure is hard on the diverter valve in the faucet and very hard on the sprayer head.



Glad someone remembered the diverter valve. It works together with the handle valve to actually control the flow.
As far as receipts for warranties: may not be necessary. The usual procedure is for the parts distributor to do a direct exchange. Grohe didn't even ask me for initials, but Delta used to ask for paperwork. Contact head office to find out the nearest warehouse-distributor location. Do not fall for the 'mail it in' suggestion unless your are really in a remote location or can do without for about two weeks.