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Parkersburg, WV

[Speed] web pages load very slow for 15Mb connection

As the title states, I just got suddenlink after moving to WVa and web pages load very slowly. some sites will take up to a minute to load up.
It is very consistent at being slow. Speed tests fluctuate like crazy, some times reporting up to 18Mbs other times as low at 5Mbs.
But web pages always load slow.

I'm including a pingplotter with the target being a web site that I frequent, and a screen shot of a speedtest. Any other info I can provide please let me know. I had RoadRunner where I moved from and it was amazing, this is just horrid.


Culloden, WV
Hello BloodDragon.

Welcome to West Virginia and to the good folks of this Forum.

Maybe the Suddenlink techs and management personnel who monitor within will also Welcome You to this ISP and probably come along shortly and notify you here to offer some needed assistance.

Good Luck and smoother sailing.


Parkersburg, WV

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Thanks for the welcome. Today I took a huge leap, and upgraded to the 107/5Mbps package.
Over all webpages load much faster, some with a little hick up here and there.

Sadly all does not seem right though. What is a proper way to test a 100Mbps connection?
Doing a speed test from multiple different speed test sites I get any where from 10 to 60Mbps down and a consistent 2.50-3Mbps up.

Do I need to call suddenlink and report this, or is it normal behavior for 100+Mbps connection?

MySpeed test results
Download speed 61766 Kbps
Upload speed 2621 Kbps
D/load COS 67 %
U/load COS - %
RTT 31 ms
Max Delay 37 ms
Avg Delay 1 ms
Max Bandwidth 61766 Kbps
Route Speed - Kbps
Forced Idle 72 %
Route Conc 1.0
Download test -
Upload test -
Test MyHiSpeed

speedtest.net results
Pretty consistent, tested several times through out the day.


Tyler, TX
reply to BloodDragon
In my experience, speedtest sites are a horrible way to test connections over say 30mb. When I had the 107 contract, speedtests rarely showed over 70mb.

What I did to test was find several large files on high throughput servers on the internet and stack them up. Doing this I was able to flatline my connection at 100mb+ looking at taskmanager ->networking.


Parkersburg, WV

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Well I called suddenlink and they sent a tech out to my house. He did find there were some issues with water in the lines at the poll and cleaned them up.
He also ran a direct line to my house separate from the spliter that the neighbors are on.
Ran a few tests, and for just a second I hit over 100Mbps, then droped below 80Mbps.

Tech said issue has to be at the node and he is going to escalate the issue. Only problem is he admitted not many people where I live have or care about a connection this fast.

I on the other hand am running 2 custom built gaming pc's 3 cell phones, and 2 tablets all on one connection. I do need the bandwith!