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Baird, TX

[Network] Download speeds slow

I recently got Windstream DSL with a home phone. Phone works great (lots of calls coming in from telemarketers so we know it et monitor programs and both are reporting fluctuations form works) but in the past 2 weeks since I got the service, I have been dropped over 200 times!!!! I am an avid WOW player and keep getting kicked from the game. I have 2 different internet speed monitors and both are reporting DL speeds as high as 6mb down to .01kbs or even zero. When I got service I chose the highest available (12mb) but have yet to see that. Also, on my laptop, the wireless has never exceeded 56kbs and spends alot of time at 1kbs. It alternates between 1, then 24, then 56 then 36; it's all over the place but never strong enough to even load the PokerStars website. I wonder if I cut the speed we asked for down if we would get a better or at least smoother performance? Consistency would help. The WOW servers use a large amount of bandwidth and if I get on at say, 3am, I can generally play a while until around 8am. Sometimes even during the daytime I can play but mostly just early in the am. I just want to play my game but am not able to and I think it's unfair to have to pay for a service I am not getting. We have called in 3 times, had the engineers assure us it was taken care of, had a tech out, and NO CHANGE yet noted. I saved screenshots of about an 8 to 10hr period of tests to prove how bad it is. Is there a fix for this? It would appear that the times when most folks are online is when I have the slowest speeds. I also understand that Windstream is supposed to have a 65% service guarantee; I have yet to get 50% service and even that has been limited. Can someone help?


·AT&T U-Verse
If you post your issue in »Windstream Direct, they can help you with your account.

Just speaking from personal experience: it could take a long time (perhaps forever) for them to resolve your issue. That being said, if you have other options in the ISP department, you may want to consider them.


Whitney, TX
reply to JimCPenrodJr
I didn't even think you all had in door plumbing in Baird, TX

lol joking

I lived in Abilene in my high school days and still have family members living in clyde , Used to know a few people in baird , Jackie and john Mendez

Keep on top of windstream , Like others have said , Some times it takes forever to get problems solved

Thornton, AR
reply to JimCPenrodJr
The low bandwidth and/or high ping issue is a common complaint on the windstream forums. They typically oversubscribe to a point that it's unusable during peak times.

Don't expect a fix any time soon. My wife and I have personally been dealing with the same high ping/low speed for over 2 years now.

The offical word from Windstream as of a couple days ago, they are aware of the issue but "There is no ETR." In other words, they know, but they don't care. I'll second the previous poster's suggestion about using whatever alternative ISP is in your area. Unfortunately, we have no viable alternative here, so Windstream gets to keep charging us, and ignoring us.


Baird, TX
I am afraid we might have the same issue; no providers other that Windstream. I did, however, inquire with ATT and they said it might be up ot 2 months but that they were coming into the area soon. Maybe good old fasioned competition will shake them up if customer complaints don't work.

BTW thak you all for replys.