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Fort Mill, SC
reply to swope1221

Re: best alternative to Fios DVR & STBs

I second the vote for WMC and XBox as suggested by Juilesism.

I use the HDHomerun prime (can be bought for around $125.00) and XBox (any used version works) + an annual MS fee of $40. What do they call it, MS Live, or something to sign on.
After that there is NO Fee for the electronic Guide which TIVO makes one pay hugely for.

It's best to wave wired ethernet connection but should also work in a good WiFi. Extra TVs can be served by extra XBox (any used one).

XBox also also is a credible standalone media device and MS offer many streaming services through it. For some reason I find such video better than any streaming through a TIVO. One also can get a super picture with ESPN3 which is free. MY XBox also found all my pictures and music. There are many other streaming services via the XBox. Amazon, Crackle, HBO2GO, Fox you name it.

Despite the recent lack of development by MS WMC is very reliable. I slapped an extra 2TB drive in my desktop which runs WMC and have more than enough memory and it works with any number of XBoxes at home.
Te only Verizon fee is for a single multistream CableCard. Same as for a TIVO and a lot less than any cablebox.
Oh I nearly forgot that with FIOS the XBox also shows about 28 channels w/o any Verizon extra charge.