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Denver, CO
reply to gwbuffalo

Re: [Connectivity] Trying to use PhonePower on Comcast HSI - not

said by gwbuffalo:

Hard to believe that with all of these replies that nobody has asked you what type of router you're using here and what the settings are on the router.

Don't know the settings - Comcast installed the gateway - a TG862G. I actually bought a separate router but since they won't support it and I'm not sure it would make any difference, haven't installed it.

I use Ooma, another VoIP box, and with one D-Link router I was getting nothing but garbled calls and issues, swapped the router out and the call quality became perfect.

So, let me ask the questions:

1. Is the PhonePower box attached directly to your modem or to a router?

To Comcast's modem TG862G.


Mokena, IL
Your problem is most likely in the router settings. Here's a list of settings that PhonePower says you need:


Without setting these up I'm guessing you're going to see choppy quality. Since you're on a modem / gateway there's no way to put the phone device in before the router, so you'll have to go in and set up the port forwarding to send the proper ports to your PhonePower box.

Hope that helps!
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Denver, CO

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I'm not sure how to do that myself. I guess Comcast might have really needed to send a tech over to install the Voice device.

I just dialed *** and got a busy signal.

Oh, I just remembered how to login as admin to the gateway.

Here's a screen shot. Does this help?

As for setting up that port forwarding stuff, I have NO idea what I'm doing and don't want to risk winding up with no phone or internet?

Is this box a Grandstream?