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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
reply to Immer

Re: [Raiding] Mean People Suck

said by Immer:

I don't hound players in LFR for performance. But if someone is abusing others incorrectly, I point out their error and then ask that they tone down the rhetoric and play the game. And then I offer to help the one "failing" via /whisper.

So this is where we disagree. Here's my LFR social contract:

No doubt you think me calling a baddie for failing is "abusing others incorrectly." When I say "hey look at the dumb lock standing in fire" and it gets noticed fight after fight, perhaps you disagree that the correct course of action is something other than a kick.

I don't care why he stands in fire. I don't care that his girlfriend is prancing in front of the monitor with nothing on. I don't care if his internet connection is slow because he's also downloading.

He's a stranger, and he's put in LFR to perform. If he can't, he has no place in LFR. It's hard to keep a group together if you aren't first held together by competence. It's the same thing that gives rise to esprit de corps, camaraderie, and sense of belonging/elitism in the military. When the shit hits the fan, you can depend on me to have your back and vice versa. If you aren't first held together by sheer competence, nothing else matters. Be able to do your job or GTFO of LFR.
To me, this ^ is the minimally, socially acceptable way to deal with someone who doesn't belong in LFR. At worst, we quickly kick him and move on. Sucks to be him, boo hoo.

I might be nicer to him (the group might not), and it might entirely depend on if I sat in traffic for longer than 3 hours total today, or maybe I empathized because we are the same class/race/whatever, but I don't have to, and it's not wrong if I don't. At the bare minimum, he deserves to be called out, justify his behavior (and something as simple as "sry was an accident wont happen again" is all it takes to defuse the situation) and put to a vote of the group. That's the social contract in LFR.

Anyways, my original premise that baddies are a bigger issue than abusers still stands. Especially if the baddies are provoking the abuse.
If we lose this freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment, those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening.