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Augusta, GA
reply to Archivis

Re: [Raiding] Mean People Suck

said by Archivis:

What I said was the honest truth. You didn't lie or mistreat me. I didn't spend a dime on you. This isn't about me, either. You can continue to believe that this is about me versus you, but that'll get you nowhere. You're so wrapped up in what Archivis is doing that you've completely ignored what you've done.

No one is willing to confront you because they see the personality that you have. There is no wrong doing on your part. There is never an error on your part. You have a strong reputation on these forums and for any single individual to say otherwise would excommunicate them from this forum. It's not like people can just gquit and move on. These people paid cash, in the hundreds of dollars. HUNDREDS. And then they have to pay equal amount just to make up for their mistake. That's absurd!

This thread is a prime example of that. You do not concede, ever. How could you consider yourself as approachable? People would rather bite the bullet on $30, $50, $100 or $400 than to speak out to you privately or publicly.

in a you can't handle the truth, and since immer knows my morals are not nearly as high as his are. here's what happened.

we had a bad tank have some serious issues swapping dogs. he is no longer with us. we have had bad calls on swaps since then, my fault, but these mysterious aggro issues have not come back up.

as a progression leader on the greatest guild feathermoon ever knew back in bc, you should understand that performance on a brand new encounter within the first two weeks is not going to be optimal and that sometime practicing the movements is more important than outright dps; mostly cuz the dps to the floor tiles doesn't matter. and that 20k output was also a bad call on my part while dealing with purple and blue at the same time. too much movement.

and lastly, there is no need to berate anyone, publicly or privately if it will not have the desired effect. As I know both of them personally, I know how much help Immer's spouse, get this novel concept, asks for when her numbers take a hit. She reads up on hunter's union, but the glorious thing is she doesn't need to ask in vent, she can lean over and ask. taking a the time to find a few attempts on the logs where she underperformed is just low.

but since you have jobbie back(he's the only one that spent anywhere in the neighborhood of money you are talking about so it narrows it down), you could just ask him, "What was the bigger problem, the dps or the tank?"

in the end we lost a strong personality that was affecting the guild negatively, and a few other raiders left not knowing he had already transfered within the same afternoon.

so this singling out of Immer's spouse to get under his skin may have worked, and got him to walk out of this thread, but trust he is not a pascifist, not if you knew him personally, and he does hold everyone accountable for their performance.

in the end you claim to be a professional troll; most of us don't actually think that a title worth claiming or defending.
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