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Doctor Olds
I Need A Remedy For What's Ailing Me.
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reply to alkizmo

Re: Sink Spray Heads - Do they all suck?

said by alkizmo:

said by Jack_in_VA:

Mine is 9 years old

It's easy to keep it for 9 years if you never wash your dishes

I guess they don't make them like they did 9-10 years ago.

Fix an Erratic Sink Sprayer

Inside your faucet, there’s a “diverter” valve, which stops the water flow to the spout and sends it to the sprayer when you press the spray head’s trigger. Here are the symptoms of diverter trouble:

Very little water, or none at all, comes out of the sprayer when you press the trigger. A bad sprayer head can cause this, but more often the diverter is the culprit. To check this, remove the spray head and turn on the faucet. If the water flow out of the hose is weak, the diverter is to blame.
The sprayer pulsates like a machine gun.
Water continues to flow out of the faucet spout when you’re using the sprayer.

Often, a misbehaving diverter needs only light scrubbing with a toothbrush and a good rinse. But since removing a diverter usually requires major faucet disassembly, it’s best to simply replace the diverter rather than risk taking it apart again.

Diverter styles and removal procedures differ widely. Some are small valves like the one shown here. Others are larger cylinders that don’t look like valves at all. Some newer diverters aren’t inside the faucet, but are instead connected to the sprayer hose below. So the first step in diverter repair is finding a diagram of your faucet. If you can’t find your owner’s manual, do an online search. Type in the manufacturer of your faucet followed by “faucet parts diagram.” With a little searching, you’ll find an illustration showing your faucet’s internal parts. You’ll also find several sources for replacement parts online. To find a local supplier, check theYellow Pages under “Plumbing, Fixtures” or search online.

Disassemble the faucet to access the diverter.

What’s the point of owning a supercar if you can’t scare yourself stupid from time to time?


Pierrefonds, QC

said by Doctor Olds:


Thanks Doc!

That's exactly what I was looking for.
I guess this will fix the dripping problem of the faucet at the same time.

To all the others telling me to buy a new faucet kit: NO! The 120$ ones aren't gonna last long. I'd rather wait for my kitchen renovation and go for quality THEN.

Leander, TX

said by alkizmo:

That's exactly what I was looking for.
I guess this will fix the dripping problem of the faucet at the same time.

Nope -- has absolutely nothing to do with dripping.