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reply to KodiacZiller

Re: Not so dificult to secure a PC

This is a real life situation of an "average Joe" consumer.

I am not trying to sell anything here, in fact only MBAM is one time fee, the rest is free. (and I bought MBAM because most of AV vendors will recommend "are you infected?run MBAM)

Let's don't forget that the AV industry is based on profit; they have to sell their products to make money and you will buy if you are scared.

Years ago, the updates were weekly, later on daily, after that few times a day, hourly, every 15 min and now in the cloud.

One AV is no longer enough, you will be advised to install 2 (100% compatible!) , somebody recommended 2 cloud AV's!!!!

Life out there is not that scary; while here on forums the density of computer geeks per square bit is huge, in real life the consumer doesn't want to run complicated combinations, to submit logs or to start in safemode.

I reached this combination (MSE4+MBAM+PCTools Firewall Plus +UAC max) after a considerable amount of time, and I run it on 3 pc's; very light, never had to do anything on the other pc's.

Just a real life situation.