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Long Beach, CA
reply to flashcore

Re: Video Outage

said by flashcore:

said by PJL:

said by icemannyr1:

We have no power since 10/29.
I connected the ONT to the generator today and all services are working on VHO7.

Do you know if the central office you're connected to has power or not? If it doesn't, I feel pretty good about Verizon's network for video and Internet in that it has power backup too, just like the ole POTS network does.

I can tell you the central office I am connected to has 2 large diesel generators on the side of the building and through all the storms we have had here in Maryland I have never lost TV/Inet/Phone even when I was running off my generator. I cant say the same about Comcast tho, they would die whenever the power was out for more then a few minutes.

Thanks for the reply. I have to believe that Verizon runs the FiOS infrastructure like they did the old Telco system -- with much redundancy and robust power backup.