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Vancouver, BC
reply to rustydusty

Re: I have had enough with this

said by rustydusty:

Speedtouch is amazing, just works. Far more superior than the Actiontec.

The modem is in no way superior to the Actiontec V1000H. It does not support SRA, PhyR, G. INP or VDSL2.
The more I C, the less I see.


Edmonton, AB
The Actiontec has broken UPnP, DHCP Reservation, bad wireless, and many other problems, so I don't really see how the Actiontec is better than the Speedtouch. It doesn't really matter how good the Actiontec's modem is since the router in it is useless and bridge mode is pretty much unheard of on it. With the Speedtouch, I connect it to my Linksys router and get great wireless, UPnP, DHCP reservation, and all of the other standard router features. I have a fully functional network with my setup, and with the Actiontec, I don't. The Actiontec isn't even really suitable for the average person since most online video games use UPnP.