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Schaumburg, IL
reply to The Q

Re: [STB] Two STBs are Dark After Power Outage Ends

said by The Q:

said by andyross:

said by eschamp:

One would expect that one could watch what was stored on one's DVR without needing a signal from Comcast!!

It's probably media-company paranoia. It needs to check in occasionally to verify it's still authorized. On bootup, or after a long signal outage, it will deauthorize and not work until it can contact the server.

Basically, they don't want you taking your DVR, bringing it to a friend's house, and 'illegally' watching in an area that may not be authorized to air that material (like a blacked-out sports program.)

or to a commercial account like a restaurant, bar or business where commercial rights are usually required...

In saying this, it may depend on just where you connect it, assuming a Comcast connection is available. If it's nearby, like the same town, it may still work. Even other towns may work, depending on how closely it checks where it's connecting from.