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reply to rustydusty

Re: I have had enough with this

said by rustydusty:

Speedtouch is amazing, just works. Far more superior than the Actiontec.

As others have mentioned, its a relic now. It was impressive years ago when it first came out, but its long been eclipsed. Sadly the firmware hasn't been updated by Thomson/Technicolor in years, and it doesn't support PhyR/G.inp, and has buggy SRA. Unless you've installed a 7.x series firmware, it also isn't ADSL2+ Amendment 3 compliant, so you don't get 24k interleaver memory (this allows 25mbit downstream with INP=2, instead of 8mbit).

With any Broadcom BCM63x8 based modem with semi-recent firmware (last few years) you'll get at least 10x better impulse noise protection (due to PhyR) and with lower latency (again, due to PhyR).