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Wellston, OH

WNDR4500 - Port Forwarding & IP Address

I needed to upgrade my last NG router and got the WNDR4500 and have just one issue...

My last NG router would allow routing to what ever IP address I put in regardless of whether the IP was on the LAN or not..


LAN is class C -

I have a setup of virtual testing servers on

I have a static route on the WNDR4500 that sends all traffic for to 192.168.0.x for it to route to the various VM's. This works great just like before the machines on the LAN. The problem is OUTSIDE connections...

On the OLD NG router I could put a port forward in for a port say for the httpd testing machine and forward port 80 and 443 to 10.0.3.x and it was fine. You could put any thing in that IP address valid or not. OK, maybe some realized this is a bug v. a features, but its a feature I need.

The WNDR4500 refuses to allow this since its not in the range!

Is there ANY WAY AROUND THIS ? ? Newer firmware? ? ? OLDER FIRMWARE? ?

First, NON NG firmware is not an option, dd-wrt etc. just don't work well for me and their USB support level is not upto the NG and the USB ports are a major reason why this router was purchased, along with being 1gb LAN ports and DUAL BAND especially 802.11a.

Second, I would prefer not to setup IPTABLES on a box to route this, unless its the only recourse...thats why I use the static route on the router to do the routing for the network to the VM's..

I really need to be able to have outsiders access this test server for review purposes.

ANY ideas? ? ? ?