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FIOS Internet dead - Verizon stumped - please help

Tech replaced the box outside my house. No Internet signal at the box(tested using a laptop directly connected to the box). Two techs have been to my house since Sunday. Both said a card needed to be replaced in the central office. Tonight phone tech support said they need to send a third tech to work at the box.
I get an IP address on my computer. My linksys router has all lights lit incl Internet light. The Verizon router doesn't get a WAN port light.
At times I can ping and/or traceroute.

Can anyone help?


If you are located in Brooklyn possibly routing issues. Did this occur around Sandy timeframe?


Howell, NJ
you should post this either on the vz direct forum or contact them on facebook


Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Crotonmark
VZ should verify the light-level in the box in the neighborhood, that does that 1-to-16 split (or whatever the ratio.. can't remember).. and verify integrity between that point, an the tap that you're connected to, for your house.

I wonder how many times they're going to look at / replace your ONT, before they realize that it's not at fault. How many times would a car dealership replace the radiator cap, trying to fix a problem with all the fluid leaking out of the bottom hose of the radiator...?