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Tallahassee, FL
reply to TuxRaiderPen

Re: AMD Losing More Linux Developers

said by TuxRaiderPen:

So umm the desktop is dead...but you need a laptop/tablet with a docking station!?

I'm not a fan of claiming that "X is dead" when X is clearly in wide use. The desktop is certainly not dead today. It may be in the near future, but that's not where my cards are.
However, I do believe tablets do have a real capability to replace many of today's desktop and even laptop uses. That includes the use of tablets as full-scale workstations both at home and at work.
I believe that through the use of docking stations we can easily have tablets that provide the user with the typical desktop experience that provides the experience not available from the typical mobile experience.
I for one find a permanent desktop very useful in that I have a computer in my home guaranteed that is not going to get taken out or misplaced. This is probably preferable in classroom and business situations.
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