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Parkersburg, WV

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Re: [Speed] web pages load very slow for 15Mb connection

Thanks for the welcome. Today I took a huge leap, and upgraded to the 107/5Mbps package.
Over all webpages load much faster, some with a little hick up here and there.

Sadly all does not seem right though. What is a proper way to test a 100Mbps connection?
Doing a speed test from multiple different speed test sites I get any where from 10 to 60Mbps down and a consistent 2.50-3Mbps up.

Do I need to call suddenlink and report this, or is it normal behavior for 100+Mbps connection?

MySpeed test results
Download speed 61766 Kbps
Upload speed 2621 Kbps
D/load COS 67 %
U/load COS - %
RTT 31 ms
Max Delay 37 ms
Avg Delay 1 ms
Max Bandwidth 61766 Kbps
Route Speed - Kbps
Forced Idle 72 %
Route Conc 1.0
Download test -
Upload test -
Test MyHiSpeed

speedtest.net results
Pretty consistent, tested several times through out the day.