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Reading, MA
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Re: Aquastat settings

On a related topic... I keep the second floor of my house (unoccupied) set at 50*F all the time, but there are some heating pipes that run through a knee-wall attic space which could be susceptible to freeze up. It has a separate thermostat and circulator pump.

I'm considering a couple of options to combat this...
One option is electrically heated tape (I'm hesitant to try this because it will mean installing an electrical outlet in the attic and it also is about 40-50 linear feet of pipe to protect (supplies and returns for the heating system up there).

Another option I was thinking about was installing some sort of a timer/relay on the circulator such that it would run for say 1 minute out of every 20 minutes. That would hopefully ensure that the pipes always stay above freezing. This wouldn't be calling for heat during the minute, just running the pumps... if the system did call for heat (because it dropped below 50 up there, or because I turned the thermostat up) the system would just operate normally.